The Never Settle Podcast

The Never Settle Podcast is just a few guys pursuing the lifelong journey of discovering Truth and pursuit of a deeper and more intimate relationship with our Creator YHWH and our Messiah and King Yahushua and His Set Apart Spirit. Each week is an agenda free open forum to discuss new things we encounter and/or things people bring up as discussion topics. Everything is on the table, we dive in seeing if we as individuals and people in general are really seeking His will, or are we only interested in the things that already fit within what we already believe? If not there is a spirit of rebellion and pride creeping in there saying I already know God, I already have it figured out… BUT what if we don’t? What if we still have a long beautiful journey ahead of us but our pride is keeping us stagnant because of our unwillingness to truly seek His will regardless of whether or not its what we have always done, always believed or always been taught? Are we humble? Are we interested in seeking God how He wants us to or how we want to?

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Ep. 20 – Celebrating God’s Goodness

Never Settle Podcast - Ep. 19 Being 20 episodes in we thought there was no better way to celebrate than remembering how good YHWH is and how active and alive He is today! On this episode we share some personal experiences and testimonies as well as ask some hard questions. God says that His thoughts are as far as the…
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Ep. 19 – Who is the King of our Life

Never Settle Podcast - Ep. 19

Inspired by the reflections of one of our team members in a meeting, we unpack the question: is Messiah truly the King of our life, or are we? Are we living like He is? Or are we more concerned with our comforts and selfish interests. We talk about the judgments of YHWH and how those…
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Ep. 18 – The Power of Perspective and Hope

Never Settle Podcast - Ep. 18

We recently had a reality check on our Perspective and realized that we had drifted from some of the original excitement and joy that we had when we started Never Settle. We were also soul searching together and looking for the next big thing that we should chase as a team to help drive a…
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Ep. 17 – The Simplicity of Eternal Life

Never Settle Podcast - Ep. 17

In this episode we explore what it means to have eternal life means and how simple and concrete this concept is Biblically even though it is so often over-complicated and abstracted. During our conversation we unpack a lot of aspects and interrelated topics: How eternal life is connected to wisdom, understanding, abiding, and KNOWING our…
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Ep. 16 – Is Biblical Self-Defense a Righteous Response to Threat?

NS Podcast Episode 16

This might be a "Part 1" of the broader topic: Biblical Application of the use of Force. In this episode we start exploring the big picture of self-defense, defending others, and civil resistance from a Scriptural perspective. The challenge is that there seem to be potentially conflicting examples / instructions in the Bible itself. How…
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Ep. 15 – What is Stewardship and What Does the Bible Say About It?

What does Stewardship mean

This podcast comes from one of those situations in which you think you're solid on a particular topic to only be reading the Word and have the Spirit show you and expose a deeper or new truth you completely missed or misunderstood. Because of that we ended up asking ourselves, what is stewardship and unpacking…
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Ep. 14: My Yoke is Easy and My Burden Light

Never Settle Podcast - Episode 14 - My Yoke is Easy and My Burden Light

Why is that Messiah / Jesus / Yahushua tells us that His Yoke is easy, and His burden light when we feel weighed down and burdened all the time? Matt 11:28-30 28Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29Take my yoke upon you, and learn from…
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Ep. 13: What Stories are True and Worth Telling

NS Podcast 13

In this episode we explore stories across media, entertainment, personal experiences and more to answer the question: what stories have value and what is it about some stories that engages us more deeply than other stories? Our theory is that a story will impact and resonate with us to the degree that it contains truth,…
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Ep. 12: Passover, Eternal Perspective, and Asking Questions

Never Settle Podcast 12

It wouldn't be a Never Settle Podcast if we stayed focused on one topic alone. In this episode we take a look at what it really means to know that God's (YHWH's) Spirit is living inside of us. We spend so much time looking back at the Old Testament saying things like "That's crazy how…
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Ep 11: How to Define Our Brand and Select Our Board Keeping the Kingdom First

Never Settle Podcast 11

Spent a little time today talking over what it looks like to integrate our pursuit of truth and the Kingdom into business practice including branding and on up to creating a board. Who should be in and on the board and how can we adequately define the business and brand as all encompassing life -…
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Ep. 10: The Freedom of Belief and Jumping out of Planes

Never Settle Podcast 10

Do we believe the Word of God is a manual for every part of our lives? If so what is the definition of actually "believing" something? We're learning that true belief doesn't stop at merely accepting a free parachute, but jumps out of the plane with it on our back. Romans 9:20 Luke 11:38 Hebrews…
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Ep. 09: Putting It All On the Table

NS Podcast Episode 09

We decided to take break from the Caesar's Messiah conversation and got into an interesting conversation about what it means to challenge the things we believe and the ways in which to go about it. With so much information, data and different thought processes out there we talked about what it means to put things…
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Ep. 08 – Examining "Caesar’s Messiah" Part 1

This week we start to explore the topic of “Caesar’s Messiah” - a flawed theory based primarily on the works of Flavius Josephus about the origin of the New Testament, which reaches the conclusion that Jesus Christ (as recorded in the traditional Gospels) was a fabrication of the Roman Empire. Recently, based on the suggestion…
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Ep. 07: What is our responsibility in understanding the roots of our convictions?

NS Podcast - Episode 07

Sometimes the deeper we dive it feels like everything is tied to paganism leaving us asking "what isn't contaminated, convoluted, or counterfeit?" and in discovering that we get a feeling overwhelmed by how to approach it. But the real question is how much do we want to know our creator? Is our pursuit of God…
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Ep. 06: Should believers participate in Halloween and other worldly practices?

NS Podcast - Episode 06

After a three week gap for the Feast of Tabernacles and a relocation to Costa Rica among other adventures we return for Episode 6 to take a look at Halloween and what a grounded, Biblical approach to it should be. Coming from different backgrounds and having different perspectives, we compare notes on some of the…
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Ep. 05: Is Gideon’s Fleece a Valid Principle for Biblical Decision Making?

NS Podcast - Episode 05

In this episode we explore different Biblical tools and principles that can guide our decision making and whether or not the principle found in the account of Gideon and the Fleece "test" is applicable or even acceptable for us today. How are we to make righteous decisions that lead to action and what are the…
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Ep. 04: The Difference Between YHWH’s name and His titles

Never Settle Podcast - Episode 4

In this episode we dissect the very large topic of what our Creator's name and the importance of His name YHWH and what the difference is between His actual name Yahweh (YHWH) and His tiles (Creator, Father, El, Elohim, etc.) This is a massive topic and we by no means have it figured out but…
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Ep. 03: Sharing What You are Learning and Growing In

Never Settle Podcast - Episode 3

In this podcast we discuss the tension of learning new things and growing in new ways and some of struggles that we have come into in trying to simply share something we are growing in or on the fence about. We also talk about the process and difficulties we each have experienced with taking the…
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Ep. 02: Pride and are our beliefs consistent with Biblical Teachings?

Never Settle Podcast - Episode 2

We pick up where we left off last time looking at the difference between mapped out religion with safe predictable patterns and true relationship with our Creator. The quote below by the Barna Group was used as the main topic throughout the podcast. "The problem facing the Christian Church is not that people lack a…
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Ep. 01: Sharing Our Conversations

Never Settle Podcast - Episode 1

Not sure exactly where this Never Settle Podcast will go, we discuss why we are doing this, where were headed, and what relationship with our Creator looks like for us. A little bumpy but we’ll find a groove and we’re super excited to see where this will go from it’s admittedly VERY humble beginnings.