Ep. 07: What is our responsibility in understanding the roots of our convictions?

Sometimes the deeper we dive it feels like everything is tied to leaving us asking, “what isn’t contaminated, convoluted, or counterfeit?"
October 28, 2013
February 15, 2024
NS Podcast - Episode 07

Sometimes the deeper we dive it feels like everything is tied to paganism leaving us asking "what isn't contaminated, convoluted, or counterfeit?" and in discovering that we get a feeling overwhelmed by how to approach it. But the real question is how much do we want to know our creator? Is our pursuit of God the same as our pursuit of our spouses? Do we treat the pursuit of our Faith the same way an olympian pususes their atheltics?We have found that the journey is just as important as the end goal, and understanding that we have to digest one thing at a time and be obedient with those smaller truths one at a time. We also found its a lifelong journey and effort nor is it an easy one.In this podcast we discuss common misconceptions about seeking to understand our convictions, ways to study, and what the Word says about our responsibility in seeking truth.

Verses about guarding and following His commands:

Verses about perseverance in living out this path of obedience:

Difficult command when isolated to itself and having no context:

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