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Building a bigger story with Never Settle
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Something Meaningful

We spend 33% of our lives working.

For a third of your time on this planet you are working. At Never Settle, we make sure you're enjoying that time while making a difference.

Never Settle are an agency like no other agency. We’re a people-first team, we care more about people than problems, and know that if we can invest in each other we can tackle any problem.

If you want to make the most of your working time on Earth, join us in changing the world for the better.

Do something meaningful.

Ground-breaking web development, effective marketing and beautiful design is our work, but ending people trafficking in our lifetime is what we work towards.

Utilising our skills, we're able to work with charities and organisation to achieve this goal.

Every day is one day closer to seeing people trafficking end. Forever.

40 Hour Weeks

True 40 hour weeks.

We prioritize a work-life balance with with true 40 hour weeks, no more no less.

As a 100% remote and 100% flexible agency, our team is free to work their weekly 40 hour weeks as and when they wish.

This flexibility and cap on working hours keeps our team fresh, inspired and is the secret sauce behind all our of exceptional work.

How it works

We’re a people-first team, we care more about people than problems, and know that if we can invest in each other we can tackle any problem.

SEO Specialist

Our websites can't be found without exceptional SEO, which is why our SEO team is integral to ensuring both our clients and our own internal brands succeed in search.

Front End Web Developer

Working with our Design Team, you'll be responsible for taking our prototypes and wireframes and making them into a reality across both websites and web-based products.

Web Project Manager

Project managers are the backbone to everything we do, they are more than task managers they are leaders who can pull together our designers, developers, and customers into one cohesive moving force aimed at results.

Marketing Specialist

Ideal for those who like to get involved across all aspects of marketing including SEO, Email, Content, Social and more. An exciting new role that gets you involved with the marketing team across a wide range of projects with a tonne of freedom!

UI/UX Designer

Our designers have the ability to understand the user’s vision (which is typically described in not quite the best language) and translate it into reality, with design quality and proficiency aimed toward quality and modern forward-thinking design styles.

Senior Webflow Designer Developer

As a Senior Webflow Designer/Developer, this is an exceptional opportunity to become a key member of the new Webflow Team at Never Settle. As well as an expert in Webflow, you'll more importantly be able to solve client's marketing and business problems through design.


Copywriters are integral to the success of not only our clients but our own internal brands as well. This is a hugely diverse role allowing you to get involved in all sorts of projects, both for clients and internally.

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Take the lead building a wide range of custom websites, apps and products supported by a talented team. This is a truly ambitious role and ideal for devs who want to get stuck in across a wide range of different projects.

Webflow Designer Developer

Our Webflow developers are fast and agile, ready to leverage existing toolsets when needed or develop and deploy their own designs. Our Webflow designers are forward-thinking and not afraid to shatter the box of traditional design and function.

Android Architect

We are questing for a pioneering Android Architect who is eager to jump into a no holds barred arena to help us bring industry-changing mobile-based SaaS solutions to market.

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