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How to Clone WordPress Sites with NS Cloner

There are many reasons you might want to copy, clone, or duplicate sites in a WordPress Multisite Network. This tutorial is a simple overview of how to copy, duplicate, or clone WordPress Multisites with the NS Cloner Pro which gives you incredible flexibility and power with just one click. This WordPress plugin is extremely helpful…
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Amazon Acquires Whole Foods and The Future of eCommerce

I’m sure you’ve heard that Amazon acquired Whole Foods for 13.7 billion dollars – but, do you know why this will accelerate the ripples already made in the future of eCommerce and retail?   If you’re doing anything in retail, this is one thing you cannot afford to miss #amazon #wholefoods #acquisition Even before Amazon acquired…
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Lift Off Summit – All Things eCommerce

With more conferences and digital summits than one can imagine, another one enters the world today.  So, why did I choose to be part of this one? The reason was that, despite there being a vast ecosystem of eCommerce related information available, there is no great resource that combines all things eCommerce.  The Lift Off…
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