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How to Run a Lean Startup Experiment – DENSTARTUPWEEK

So you understand Lean Startup, now how do you actually incorporate it into your business? In this video Kenn, one of the Never Settle founders discusses: How to run a successful #leanstartup experiment at #DENSTARTUPWEEK. Lean Startup Experiment topics covered: Why this matters to you and your business What Lean Startup is How build, measure,…
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How to clone a WordPress site with a WP Cloner

This tutorial is a simple overview of how to copy, duplicate, or clone WordPress Multisites with a WP Cloner called NS Cloner Pro by Never Settle. NS Cloner gives you incredible flexibility and power with just one click. This WP Cloner WordPress plugin is extremely helpful for creating templates to clone from, setting up quick…
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You heard that right! NS FBA for WooCommerce is now exclusively offered through the WooCommerce Marketplace and has been aptly renamed WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment! We’ve teamed up with WooCommerce to make NS FBA for WooCommerce more powerful than ever! This new transition to the WooCommerce marketplace will only strengthen our continuation to improve and expand…
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