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Have Kenn Kelly, Never Settle CEO, as a top business keynote speaker at your next event or featured guest on your podcast.

Meet Kenn Kelly

Who is Kenn Kelly?

Meet Kenn Kelly, CEO of award-winning digital marketing agency Never Settle, entrepreneur, and advocate for the marginalized.

As a successful entrepreneur, Kenn is committed to channeling his efforts and influence into a greater purpose. His passion and experience evoke thought-provoking discussion, while his authenticity and tenacity inspires action.

Kenn has become an admired authority in the business world with his extensive experience in Fortune 100 businesses and a Silicon Valley startup. He is generous with his knowledge and skills with the intention of creating a ripple effect of positive change in our world.

His mission is to help end human trafficking in his lifetime. A faith-based worldview compels him to fight against this injustice and put an end to modern day slavery. He works with nonprofits to maximize efforts towards championing human rights.

This CEO is passionate about living whole-heartedly, and he’s not afraid to challenge norms. He refuses to settle for mediocrity, striving for greatness in each facet of life. 

Kenn is a visionary leader capable of inspiring at both an individual and corporate level. If you’re searching for an engaging, inspirational guest speaker, Kenn is a great choice. You can learn more about Kenn on the About page.

His areas of expertise include but are not limited to the following: business, productivity, health and wellness, faith, social causes, and more.

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Featured publications

Publications, podcasts and events have all benefitted from Kenn’s deep wisdom and insight. Here’s just a few that Kenn has been featured in.

Speaking highlights

Get a feel for what Kenn has to offer with just a small selection of some of his previous conference and podcast appearances.

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Austin City Limits (ACL)
University of Denver
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Kenn Kelly on Investor Connect
Kenn Kelly on Investor Connect
Kenn Kelly on the Tony Shap Show
Kenn Kelly on Christianity in Business
Kenn Kelly on the Brett Snodgrass Show
Kenn Kelly on the Down, But Not Out Podcast
Kenn Kelly on the Do The Woo Podcast
“Kenn’s passion and leveraging of his professional giftings and companies are exactly what’s needed at this time in our culture!”
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Brad Riley
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Book Kenn to speak at your conference

Kenn’s talks are passionate, engaging and are packed with value and practical takeaways for every person in the room.

With a wealth of experience speaking at conferences of all sizes, Kenn has inspired and engaged with audiences all over the world sharing his own personal triumphs, passions and practical advice for those looking to achieve the same life fulfillment. As a guest speaker, Kenn has become an authority in the topics of business, productivity, health and wellness, faith, social causes, and more.

Kenn will collaborate with you to create a tailored discussion that covers your conference topics and touches on the pain points of your audience. Kenn’s number one aim is to bring value and insight. So if your audience is looking to learn something in particular or simply to get inspired, your next speaking engagement could benefit from having Kenn Kelly as a keynote speaker.

What you will get

Kenn will create a bespoke talk aligned with your conference topics
Kenn will ensure his talk meets the given timeframe agreed
Kenn will be available before and during the conference for any interviews or press
You will be given a preview of the slides and topic theme early in advance, and Kenn will be open to feedback should you have any
Never Settle can help promote your conference with any pre-agreed marketing

Podcasts & appearances

Kenn’s natural ability to inspire along with his valuable takeaways will ensure your current listeners will be engaged while new listeners are attracted to hear more of what you have to offer.

From his experience working with Fortune 100 businesses to life at a Silicon Valley startup, to faith and business, Kenn offers a wide array of experience your listeners will find engaging and inspiring.

A firm-favorite with a wide range of podcasts, Kenn will work openly with you to ensure he brings along with him relevant topics for conversation as well as practical key tips and takeaways that your audience will truly benefit from and share.

What you will get

Kenn will touch on engaging and relevant topics pre-agreed ahead of the podcast recording
Kenn will be available before the podcast launch date for any interviews or press
Kenn can help with relevant questions of topics your audience may find valuable
Never Settle can help promote your podcast with any pre-agreed marketing
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Book Kenn to speak

Email Kenn directly with a description of your event or podcast, what topics you are interested in Kenn covering and any questions you may have that you’d like Kenn to answer.

Kenn personally reads each booking request and responds to every single one.

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