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Cloud based PoS for single or multi store retailers

Single PoS for online & physical stores

TouchPoint is a single point of sale for both online and retail locations. Offering complex inventory management, easy migrations, easy setup and use, this is the ultimate PoS for businesses that are online, offline and across multiple locations.An all-in-one PoS system built in the cloud, TouchPoint makes managing your inventory easy between your online and offline stores. Sync with delivery management, Quickbooks, Purchase Orders and so much more, all in one intuitive app.

PoS in the cloud

Access and manage your business from anywhere with TouchPoint! Unify all of your business functions into one, modern and intuitive design that's super easy to use.

With built in automation, your business can still be running while you're sleeping! Automate purchase orders, daily financials, reporting and so much more.

Everything you need & more!

  • Business reports & sales data
  • PO Automation
  • Delivery Scheduling & Management
  • Sleek Cart & Checkout
  • Inventory & Product Management
  • Detailed Customer History
  • Referral Reporting
  • Centralized Customer Database
  • Single & Multi-Store Reporting
  • Inventory Transfer
  • Multi-Location Inventory
  • Universal Login

Kind words from others

Before TouchPoint we could never get a handle on the status of our inventory. TouchPoint has sharpened our process resulting in decreased inventory waste and a customer experience we are proud of.

Eric Ebel

Kyle and I had 20 people on the Vienna sales floor at once, I literally had the desktop open, iPad and my laptop all processing sales and building quotes for customers (no one felt like they were waiting) It was impressive!

Nathaniel Hoelk


How does pricing work with TouchPoint?

We’re priced just as all SaaS models are, on a per month, per location basis.  Tell us how many locations you have, who your payment processor is and what systems you use for PoS, Inventory Mgmt, PO’s, Deliveries (if applicable) and financials (e.g. QuickBooks) and we will provide you a price estimate.

How do I retain all my historical data?

Good news is that we have data templates that enable you to easily import and map your historical data set.  We also have data migration experts on staff for those more complex use cases.

What devices does TouchPoint work on?

TouchPoint is device universal (agnostic) so you can access on Mac, PC, Linux, Phones, Tablets, and Desktop devices.

Am I locked into a contract?

No long term or expensive contracts, pay as you go giving you the opportunity to see if TouchPoint is right for your business.