Ep. 06: Should believers participate in Halloween and other worldly practices?

In this podcast, Never Settle takes a look at Halloween and what a grounded Biblical approach to it should be to this modern "holiday."
October 10, 2013
February 15, 2024
NS Podcast - Episode 06

After a three week gap for the Feast of Tabernacles and a relocation to Costa Rica among other adventures we return for Episode 6 to take a look at Halloween and what a grounded, Biblical approach to it should be. Coming from different backgrounds and having different perspectives, we compare notes on some of the common christian justifications for participation in worldly observances. Do those reasons hold up to Scriptural scrutiny?We also focus on the main question: are we being intentional in our lives - basing decisions and actions on a conscious effort to do what is pleasing in the eyes of our Creator - or are we just on autopilot, following the crowd and what we've been taught.

Some of the subjects:

Verses referenced and discussed:

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