Lift Off Summit - All Things eCommerce

Lift Off Summit takes one industry expert from many sections of the eCommerce ecosystem and does an in-depth interview with them.
Kenn Kelly
Kenn Kelly
June 1, 2017
February 15, 2024
Lift Off Summit eCommerce
Lift Off Summit eCommerce

With more conferences and digital summits than one can imagine, another one enters the world today.  So, why did I choose to be part of this one? The reason was that, despite there being a vast ecosystem of eCommerce related information available, there is no great resource that combines all things eCommerce.  The Lift Off Summit takes one industry expert from 22 different sections of the eCommerce ecosystem and does an in-depth interview with that expert. The reason this is so valuable is that too ofter someone finds an eCommerce channel to launch their business all the while neglecting the other critical channels that would contribute to their success.

Don't neglect your other eCommerce channels - You can't afford it! #liftoffsummit

Besides that, it was an incredible honor to get to speak side by side some of the world's leading experts in all things eCommerce. The best part is the Lift Off Summit is free June 19 - June 23.  After that, you can simply buy an all-access pass to watch the conference anytime along with the bonus in-depth advanced talks not streamed the week of the event.On Thursday I'll be speaking with Patrick Rauland from Speaking Bites and BobWP on everything a seller needs to know to launch their Amazon store, and diving into advanced topics to get the most out of your Amazon store for advanced Amazon sellers. A few things we'll cover in this talk at Lift Off Summit:

With Amazon holding three times more buyers than Google this isn't a talk you'll want to miss!

#amazon has 3X more buyers than searching for products than #google

LIFT OFF SUMMITTopic and Speaker Line-Up

Monday June 19 - Content Strategy

Tuesday June 20 - Social

Wednesday June 21 - Unique eCommerce Channels

Thursday June 22 - eCommerce Marketplaces

Friday June 23 - Keeping your customers

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