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WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment

Automatically ship orders with Fulfillment by Amazon

Ship orders via Amazon

Automatically ship orders from your WooCommerce site to your customers with FBA. Through this extension Amazon will pick, pack, ship, and track orders for you!

Remove the hassle of fulfillment and spend more time creating and selling great products!

This integration is fast and easy to set up and comes with a variety of options ranging from complete auto-pilot all the way down to specific product shipping options if desired.


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Save all the time it takes to ship your WooCommerce orders by automating your fulfillment with WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment (WCAF)! It integrates Fulfillment by Amazon with WooCommerce, is super easy to set up, and runs in the background with no intervention necessary. It will even keep your WooCommerce inventory in sync from your Amazon stock levels. You will need to generate Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS) credentials, which you can do in the MWS Registration area of your Seller Central account. Fulfillment has never been so easy!

WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment plugin features:

Ultimate flexibility: Select which individual products you want to be handled by FBA and which ones you want to manually fulfill
Map Amazon Shipping Speeds to WooCommerce shipping methods
Automatically sends orders to FBA for fulfillment when payment is received
Manually submit orders to FBA if necessary
Easily track the current status of fulfillment orders on the normal Orders screen
Fully integrated into standard WooCommerce conventions and processes like order status, order notes, etc.
The customer should receive a shipping notice from FBA when the order actually ships
Supports THREE inventory sync modes: Update local product stock numbers from FBA inventory every time an order is placed; and/or update local stock numbers automatically on an hourly schedule; and/or manually trigger a full inventory sync from Amazon stock numbers
Supports international fulfillment through FBA as long as your FBA policy allows it
Receive shipping notifications to your WP admin email address or set a different address to receive notifications
Receive email notifications at the site admin address when an FBA submission fails (experimental and might not work on all hosting environments)

Users love NS FBA

This was breeze to setup and works like a champ. As a developer you have me look like a hero!

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Matthew Bane

Being an Amazon seller that has needs to for fulfillment, this plugin has allowed us to harness Amazon’s shipping brawn and make a profitable, low maintenance WordPress website.

cloner reviews
James Sit

The inventory synch works without issue, and the transmission of orders from WooCommerce to Amazon FBA works seamlessly. Also, Andrew is very helpful and fast with support.

cloner user

The plugin is easy to use and they provide a great video if you have any questions. Not only did they provide an amazing product, but their support is amazing as well.

wp cloner reviews

The inventory synch works without issue, and the transmission of orders from WooCommerce to Amazon FBA works seamlessly. Also, Andrew is very helpful and fast with support.

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How do I contact support, provide feedback, or make a feature request?

The best way is to use the Request Support feature built right into the plugin itself! You can also email or open a ticket on

How does WCAF handle things liek payment gateways, product management, visuals, coupons, shipping methods, checkout, and ________ (fill in the blank)?

The key to understand is that everything about your customer’s e-commerce experience on your site is still handled by WooCommerce. WCAF doesn’t duplicate or replace any functionality from payment gateways to coupons to checkout to even shipping methods (see more on mapping Amazon shipping speeds to WooCommerce shipping methods here: ). Because of this, WCAF is compatible with any WooCommerce extension including payment methods.

The way WCAF works is that it silently monitors WooCommerce in the background and detects when an order has been completed and paid for. Then, it takes that order information and looks for products that you have set to fulfill with Amazon. It will send the data for those products by SKU along with the order information like shipping address to Amazon Fulfillment where FBA then takes over and ships the items. WCAF will detect any errors with the FBA shipping request like if a SKU is out of stock in Amazon, create an Order Note about the issue, and send you an email about the problem.

What shipping methods or options does WCAF support?

Amazon Fulfillment only offers 3 different shipping speeds categories to external sites through the FBA / MWS API: Normal, Expedited, and Priority. These are general shipping categories and do not necessarily equate to a specific shipping method traditional provided by the actual carriers. Each one might have different fees associated with them, so be sure to check Amazon’s definitions and terms for FBA shipping speed categories for multi-channel fulfillment.

Our NS FBA plugin allows you to define mappings for WooCommerce shipping methods to those Amazon shipping speed categories.  The following article goes more detail, but the bottom line is that NS FBA makes it easy and simple to link any shipping methods you have set up in WooCommerce to Amazon’s pre-defined shipping speeds:

What happens when someone orders a combination of FBA and non0FBA items in their cart?

The products that are set to fulfill by Amazon will get sent to Amazon, and the rest will need to be fulfilled manually. The overall order status will still be Partial to FBA (assuming the FBA items were successfully accepted by Amazon for fulfillment), which lets you know that you need to take action on the manual items. The order notes will contain updates including a link to the order log. See our NS FBA documentation for additional details.

Does WCAF work with FBA for, or, or [some other country or region specific Amazon service?]

YES! NS FBA supports ALL Amazon Regions where FBA is available. Fulfillment by Amazon is organized worldwide by region. NS FBA can connect to any of Amazon’s regional servers. You configure this in the plugin settings along with your Amazon MWS credentials for your region, seller ID, and marketplace ID. Check out our video at the top of the page for more details and to see exactly how this works!

What features do you have planned for future versions?

  1. [DONE] Smart fulfillment settings to achieve detailed control over which orders and order items are sent to Amazon for fulfillment.
  2. [DONE] Display Order Shipping and Tracking information to the Customer through their View Order page.
  3. [DONE] Option to prevent NS FBA from sending international orders to Amazon for fulfillment.
  4. Option to turn off shipping notifications from Amazon to the customer.
  5. Option to turn off shipping notifications from Amazon to the site admin.
  6. [DONE] Option to add additional shipping notification email address.
  7. [DONE] Option to specify who should get error email notifications or turn them off.
  8. [DONE] Improve error notification email support.
  9. Add quick action button on main orders view to send to FBA based on current status.
  10. Pulling real-time fulfillment preview data from Amazon to generate shipping estimates at checkout.
  11. [DONE] Add inventory syncing between FBA and WooCommerce.
  12. Want more? Make a feature request here: – Let us know which features are important to your business!

Does WCAF support WooCommerce 3+?

Yes! We’ve made many changes to NS FBA’s code (too many and to tedious to mention!) in order to accommodate the latest version of WooCommerce. So you should be ready to roll with the latest version.