How to Use NS Google Sheets Connector Pro

Using NS Google Sheets Connector Pro is easy and painless if you know where to begin (hence this article). There are a few steps involved in getting everything setup and working seamlessly together.
Stephen Karpik
Stephen Karpik
December 5, 2018
February 15, 2024
How to Use NS Google Sheets Connector Pro

Using the tutorial below will help you install, setup and configure NS Google Sheets Connector Pro so that you can pass along your Contact Form 7 form data (and WooCommerce data!) into a Google Sheet.

How does it work? Once you configure everything correctly, NS Google Sheets Pro will capture your Contact Form 7 submissions and send each field to a new row in the correct columns (1 per field) to the Google Sheet that you have set up. Ready to get started? Here we go:

  1. Install and activate the NS Google Sheets Connector Pro plugin and the Contact Form 7 plugins (if you are on the fence about buying GSC PRO, we have a 30 day money back guarantee)
  2. Create the Contact Form 7 form that you want to use to capture data. (pro tip: make note of the form ID and field names for later use)

  1. Log in to your Google Account and create a new Sheet and assign a name to the title and tab.

  1. (IMPORTANT!) Add a column name in Row 1 for “date” and each form field you will have in your form (default CF7 form field names are “your-name”, “your-email”, “your-subject”, “your-message”).
  2. Head over to Settings > NS Sheets to configure the plugin and click the ‘here’ link to generate a Google Code and paste it in the Google Access Code box with the placeholder ‘Enter your code here’.

  1. Add the sheet name, tab name and your Contact Form 7 ID (from step #2) in the settings.
  2. Save your settings.
  3. Test your form submit and verify that the data shows up in your Google Sheet.
  4. Celebrate!

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