Never Settle Is Now On Clutch

Never Settle is proud to be one of Denver’s top digital agencies, and our team of expert designers and developers have extensive portfolios that include custom website development, site redesign, e-commerce upgrades, branding and design, and Search Engine Optimization.
Jaymi Tripp
Jaymi Tripp
November 4, 2019
February 15, 2024
Never Settle Is Now On Clutch

More than 600 businesses trust our services, and our products have over one million users.

Partnership Meets Innovation

Every business and organization we work with is special to us and we take pride in knowing we have solved unique marketing, design, and technical challenges — and that’s why we’re thrilled to partner with Clutch, where clients can review their experience working with us.

The reviews we’ve received on Clutch have been amazing and we are excited to know that our clients feel just as confident working with us as we do with them.

“They really care about the outcome for their customers. When we had questions, Kenn would really think about his answers and provide us with feedback on if he thought implementing it would be beneficial for us and our consumers or not. We can’t say enough good things about Never Settle. They did an amazing job for us.” — Digital Marketing Manager, Skincare Company

With the above company, we not only migrated their site to WooCommerce but also gave it a complete new design, adding several custom features and making sure the site would have the greatest possible value for their business.

From E-Commerce to Ordering Systems

We also made a positive impact with Urban Mattress, who left us a review for the work we did developing custom e-commerce solutions for their entire franchise. We built corporate and local e-commerce sites, an internal franchise ordering system, and an in-store POS system.

As a result of our work, Urban Mattress has access to automated data, a modern user experience with custom interface, and self-sufficient franchisee ordering. Moreover, they report increased conversion in-store and online — and a reduction in lost inventory, which translates to cost savings of $100,000.

"The team at Never Settle have been great partners, always going above and beyond. Our collaborations in ecommerce, B2B infrastructure and their point-of-sale have helped us make critical leaps forwards in our business" — Steven Schaef - Coo, Urban Mattress

Among more than 200 firms, we’re recognized as one of the top ten advertising agencies in Colorado by Clutch. If you need help with your project, don’t hesitate to contact us today — we also offer monthly maintenance packages and digital marketing solutions, like business growth strategy, social media content creation, and SEO. Our expertise sets us apart, and we’re more than happy to show you how.

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