NS Cloner Technology Evolution

It has already been a year since we released NS Cloner 4.0, which was a massive leap forward and a bountiful jackpot of new features in WordPress site cloning technology.
Andrew Lundquist
Andrew Lundquist
August 4, 2020
February 15, 2024
NS Cloner Technology Evolution

Version 4 didn’t just make Cloner power available to EVERY single WordPress site out there, it also increased the complexity and scenario coverage by at least 4x compared to version 3.


  1. Clone Multisite Main Site to Sub Site
  2. Clone Multisite Sub Site to Main Site
  3. Clone Multisite Sub Site to Sub Site


  1. Clone Multisite Main Site to Sub Site
  2. Clone Multisite Sub Site to Main Site
  3. Clone Multisite Sub Site to Sub Site
  4. Clone Multisite Main Site to new Network Sub Site
  5. Clone Multisite Sub Site to new Network Main Site
  6. Clone Multisite Sub Site to new Network Sub Site
  7. Clone Multisite Network to new Server
  8. Clone Multisite Main Site to Single Site
  9. Clone Multisite Sub Site to Single Site
  10. Clone Single Site to Single Site
  11. Clone Single Site to Multisite Main Site
  12. Clone Single Site to Multisite Sub Site

And there might even be a few we’re forgetting about. It’s no wonder that our support costs also increased by over 3x in the last year compared to the previous year. The correlation is fascinating!

Cloner Pricing vs. Value

During the 7+ years of the NS Cloner’s lifetime, it’s value and capabilities have gone up and it’s price has gone down or stayed the same. We’ve done a lot of experiments from feature add-ons to bundles to various subscription time intervals. Ultimately, we’ve tried to remove all confusion from the equation and offer an amazing tool at an amazing low price. But we’re learning that isn’t sustainable.

It’s time for us to bring the pricing of the Cloner up closer to it’s actual value. Most businesses based on WordPress don’t think twice about spending more than $300 /year for reliable hosting like WPEngine or marketing tools like OptinMonster or shipping solutions like ShippingEasy or ShipStation EACH. You can build an entire business based on the totally FREE NS Cloner from the WordPress.org repository. But for businesses that need more, we’re 100% confident that NS Cloner Pro delivers even more value to you and your revenue than any of those other services which start their pricing at $300 /year and up.

How valuable is your TIME? You might think of this as an hourly rate you would typically bill your clients and customers. Or, this could be the amount you earn hourly from a day job. Or maybe this would be an average hourly amount you need to charge per project to ensure you can pay your employees and contractors. In any case, come up with a number per hour – how would you valuate your own time?

Now, how long would it normally take you to build an entire WordPress site from scratch? Even if you use a premium theme with no coding involved – how much time would you spend on theme settings, installing and configuring plugins, curating and preparing and uploading images, generating and/or building content in pages and posts, and so on? Now, do the math – multiple that number of hours by your hourly rate.

Our hunch is that we could increase the Cloner’s price several times over, and…

It would still pay for itself the very first time you click the Clone button

…as it automatically handles all the tedious, repetitive, manual steps of building a WordPress site for you.

What to Expect in the Future

If you are a current NS Cloner customer / subscriber – first of all – thank you for your business! We value transparency as a company, and want you to know WHAT is coming in the future as well WHY it’s necessary. As we go through this transition, in order to keep providing amazing support, bug fixes, and updates to the Cloner our subscription renewal rates will be going up to track with our latest new purchase pricing. However, before this happens, we will be reaching out to provide you with enough lead time to make informed decisions about your next renewal. We will also be providing active subscribers a discount on the first renewal at the higher price to help offset the change.

We are also hard at work in the lab building new NS Cloner tools for the most often requested features and capabilities that we’ve received both over the last year and over the Cloner’s entire history (for those couple things that still didn’t make it into V4 yet). You’re going to love what’s coming!

And if you aren’t already using the NS Cloner to save a LOT of your valuable time, don’t worry! You can still turn things around by grabbing NS Cloner Pro for all WordPress cloning needs, which comes with our no-risk 30 day money back guarantee.

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