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Copy or Clone WordPress Sites in Multisite with One Click!

Clone WordPress Site in Multisite ONLY. The NS Cloner Pro comes with the most commonly needed advanced features to clone WordPress sites in a multisite network. It has several different subscription options to meet almost any scenario, and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee! Check out the overview for some of the most powerful functionality it offers, and explore the Features section to see what is included with Pro as compared to Master. This Power Tool saves WordPress Multisite Network administrators hours per new site they have to setup and configure.

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NS Cloner Pro Subscription Includes:

All Core NS Cloner Features to Clone WordPress Sites:

  1. Copy the Main Site (ID = 1) to a new Site
  2. Copy all posts, pages, taxonomies, menus, widgets, and media files
  3. Copy all theme settings, plugin settings, and site options
  4. One-Click Cloning of any existing site
  5. Responsive admin interface
  6. Built-in support help tips and instructions
  7. Automatic Updates just like WP.org

All Content and Users add-on Features:

  1. Adds a Clone Over Mode to the Cloner
  2. Create a new clone over one or multiple existing sites
  3. Copies ALL users from the original site
  4. Turn ALL content copying ON / OFF
  5. Turn ALL media file copying ON / OFF
  6. Turn ALL user copying ON / OFF

All Search and Replace add-on Features:

  1. Adds a Search and Replace Mode
  2. Search & Replace values during cloning or as a stand-alone function
  3. Search & Replace values across existing site or multiple sites
  4. Case Sensitivity
  5. Serial array safe

Want even more flexibility and power? Then checkout:

NS Cloner Master Subscription Includes:

ALL Features Listed Above PLUS:

All Table Manager add-on Features:

  1. Override the default tables that will be copied
  2. Select which tables to copy during cloning – for advanced users only!
  3. Achieve table-level control of all cloning
  4. Perfect for cloning the main site
  5. Perfect for unique scenarios

All Registration Templates add-on Features:

  1. Quickly configure site templates from existing sites
  2. Setup site custom fields for user-input replacements
  3. Allow users to pick their own template on registration
  4. Users see a quick preview based on theme screenshot during sign-up
  5. Template site is cloned to the new user’s site upon account activation
  6. Perfect for membership sites, blog networks, and community sites

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Here’s how Subscriptions work with Never Settle plugins. There are two main Subscription Levels: Basic and Developer, and here’s what they include:

Basic Subscription Level

Basic Subscription
  • Automatic Monthly Renewal – cancel any time
  • 1 installation license for the product
  • Technical Support for as long as the subscription remains active
  • Plugin Updates for as long as the subscription remains active

Developer Subscription Level

Developer Subscription
  • Automatic Yearly Renewal – cancel any time
  • 5-site installation license for the product
  • Technical Support for as long as the subscription remains active
  • Plugin Updates for as long as the subscription remains active


The best way is to use the Request Support feature built right into the plugin itself! For more detailed instructions you can see this article.

So, you want to be able to copy a site from network1.com/mysite to network2.com/mysite? We do to! Unfortunately this is not yet possible with the NS Cloner, but maybe in the future.

We release our premium plugins under the GPL V2 or later, and do not have any obfuscated components.

Usually this means that the clone operation did not complete successfully. The most common cause for this is a script timeout. By default, PHP script execution for a single script is set to 30 seconds. This might not be enough time for larger sites with numerous posts, pages, and users to complete cloning – especially since the Cloner runs advanced search and replace operations against every table cloned to the new site to make sure that it reflects the new site url and title throughout all its data. Try increasing the max_execution_time in php.ini or wherever your host supports updating PHP configuration settings. You can read more detailed troubleshooting tips for this issue and others on our support site.

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