Product of the Week #7: Google Spreadsheet Connector

This free WordPress plugin by Never Settle connects your Contact Form 7 submission data to a Google Spreadsheet.|This free WordPress plugin by Never Settle connects your Contact Form 7 submission data to a Google Spreadsheet.
Andrew Lundquist
Andrew Lundquist
October 2, 2014
February 15, 2024
NS Google Sheets Connector

We are over the hump now at product #7 of 12 New Products in 12 Weeks, and this week we are releasing our new FREE WordPress plugin: NS Google Sheets Connector. We haven't really seen anything like this out there and it was something that we had played with briefly before in a custom solution for to improve their ability to report on donation data. We are starting out by launching this plugin with initial support for connecting the very popular Contact Form 7 plugin to a Google Spreadsheet so that you can capture, report on, and analyze your form submission data with the powerful tools in the Google Docs. The really interesting thing about this plugin is that it is a classic experiment in lean MVP methodology - it's real value lies in its potential, and that will have to be tested and validated. We can take this integration in so many directions, but which one(s) will be truly useful to others. More flexibility and robust support for Contact Form 7? Additional connectors to send data to spreadsheets in Google Drive from different plugins like WooCommerce? If you could have WordPress send anything to Google Sheets what would it be? Let us know in the comments!

NS Google Sheets Connector Features:

  1. Capture data in Google Spreadsheet automatically from your Contact Form 7 form submissions
  2. Send all fields to your configured Google Sheet
  3. Use the full functionality of spreadsheets in Google Docs to analyze your form submission data
  4. Automatically captures the date of the data and adds that to the record in the Google Drive spreadsheet

Find out more on the FREE product page.

12 New Products in 12 Weeks Progress

NS Google Sheets Connector
Week 7 - NS Google Sheets Connector - 12 Products in 12 Weeks

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