Ep. 12: Passover, Eternal Perspective, and Asking Questions

During this time of Passover preparation and the welcoming of the New Year, We explore what this looks like and how we’re applying that life.
April 3, 2014
February 15, 2024
Never Settle Podcast 12

It wouldn't be a Never Settle Podcast if we stayed focused on one topic alone. In this episode we take a look at what it really means to know that God's (YHWH's) Spirit is living inside of us. We spend so much time looking back at the Old Testament saying things like "That's crazy how YHWH spoke through fire, or parted the red sea" and miss how CRAZY and mind blowing it is that YHWH put His Spirit inside of us. Everyone in the past was always looking forward to when Messiah would come thinking "That's going to be so crazy when YHWH comes and puts His Spirit in people in the future".

That quickly ties to Passover and how blessed and privileged we are to celebrate Passover in remembering how incredible it is that Yahushua came and fulfilled what everyone was looking forward to happen in the future.

During this time of Passover preparation and the New Year that just occurred 3 days ago, we are called to cleans the level from our physical houses and personal houses - our beings. We explore what this looks like, questions we're asking, and how we're applying that to our life.

Passion 2014 Francis Chan Talk(mentioned)

Expelled the Movie(referenced)

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