Product of the Week #8: WordPress Daily Deal Site Udder Deals

The Most Comprehensive WordPress Daily Deal Flash Sales Site! WordPress Plugins, Themes, and Add-Ons at a Fraction of the Price.|The Most Comprehensive WordPress Daily Deal Flash Sales Site! WordPress Plugins, Themes, and Add-Ons at a Fraction of the Price.
Kenn Kelly
Kenn Kelly
October 10, 2014
February 15, 2024
Udder Deals - Wordpress Deals Site

As you know we LOVE WordPress, however we didn't want to bore you with just WordPress plugins during our 12 New Products in 12 Weeks marathon. This week, product 8, we are launching a product/site that we are really excited to announce "Udder Deals".  You read correctly, udder like a cow! is a premium WordPress daily deal and flash sales site which you can come get your favorite WordPress Plugins, Themes, and Add-Ons at a fraction of the price.

Udder Deals is the only WordPress exclusive Daily Deal and Flash Deal site and community.

Just because you're getting a deal doesn't mean you'll be compromising on quality. We’ll be releasing brand new never seen before WordPress plugins, themes, and add-ons in addition to scrubbing the planet partnering with the top leaders in WordPress to bring you the highest caliber products WordPress has to offer.Udder Deals officially launches on November 5th 2014. No, it’s not tied to “V for Vendetta” but we’re glad you asked and hope you remember remember the fifth of November!

The Utter Difference

Despite the vastness of the WordPress community, most developers still struggle to get their product in front of enough WordPress users. Udder Deals specializes in WordPress deals and because of that gets your product in front of your target audience. Users on the other hand need a central, high caliber place to find their favorite products at a fraction of the cost. We personally use and are fans of all deals approved on the site. To put it another way, we drink the milk from our own farm, not someone else’s.

We need your help:

  1. Sign up to get notified of new deals - we're estimating 1 email a week, no spam, always WordPress goodness!
  2. Submit a Deal - gain exposure to new customers and surround your product amongst other great WordPress products.
  3. Share the Love - we can't do this without you! We need and are deeply grateful for your support please share with your WordPress friends and community, they won't be disappointed.

12 New Products in 12 Weeks Progress

WordPress Daily Deal site
Never Settle 12 Products in 12 Weeks  - Week 8

Each week we'll be releasing one new WordPress Product, or iOS Mobile App.  If you want to stay in the loop on each product being released, sign up for our newsletter below:

All 12 Products from our 12 Week Marathon:

(We will be updating this list with links to each new product as progress through the experiment)

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  2. Week 2: NS Automation for WordPress SEO
  3. Week 3: Registration Templates Add-on for NS Cloner
  4. Week 4: FREE NS WordPress Plugin Template
  5. Week 5: NS Redirection and GA Campaign Link Builder
  6. Week 6: Lean Startup Experiment Tool Template
  7. Week 7: FREE NS Google Sheets Connector
  8. Week 8: Udder Deals: WordPress Daily Deal Site
  9. Week 9: LIST Engine iOS App - Organize To Do Lists by Item, Store and Tag
  10. Week 10: NS Slidebar
  11. Week 11: NS Music Pack Volume 1
  12. Week 12: 12 Products in 12 Weeks eBook (This week!)
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