Product of the Week #9: LIST Engine iOS To Do List App

LIST Engine iOS To Do List App - Organize Lists by Item, Store and Tags|LIST Engine iOS To Do List App - Organize Lists by Item, Store and Tags
Shaul Hagen
Shaul Hagen
October 15, 2014
February 15, 2024
LIST Engine iOS App - Organize lists by item, store and tag|Download LIST Engine in the App Store

For this weeks 12 New Product in 12 Weeks product we wanted to jump outside our Wordpress comfort zone once more and introduce you to LIST Engine, an all new iOS to do list app that allows you to manage lists by store, item or tag. If you are anything like me when you go shopping it can be hard to remember that obscure item, or not so obscure for that matter, that you have been meaning to get for weeks. However when you walk through the doors of Home Depot or Target on a Saturday your mind goes blank. Now you don't have to forget what you need and what store you need it from. Solve the problem with our new LIST organization and productivity app for iOS.

LIST Engine makes shopping easier and faster with the ability to sort by list, item, store and tag!

Walk into to your store of choice, launch LIST Engine and enter store mode. View all the items you need from that store instantly and sort them by custom tag, project or recipe list. Only buy what you need that day or just buy it all and get in and get out! For those who are more talented at things like this, for example my awesome wife, you can organize your list with custom tags like frozen foods, personal hygiene or home products making it easier to move through the store by section instead of doing the ever popular store marathon. Out and about? Make your trips more effective and see if you need any items from stores close by and potentially save a trip, time and gas. Bottom line is that LIST Engine aims to make you more productive, effective and efficient no matter if you are an OCD list maker or just a casual organizer. By building up your item library list creation becomes easier and faster over time and you can re-use common items or search for the item you need.

Build up your item library!Re-use common items for quick list creation!

Some of our favorite products to work on and use have come out of personal needs or problems that we would like to solve. LIST Engine is no different. We hope that LIST Engine will help you organize the lists in your life, make trips more effective and give you the ability remember the things you need while you are out on your adventures.

LIST Engine Features

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LIST Engine iOS To Do List App
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