A new version of NS FBA for WooCommerce

We have just released a new version of NS FBA for WooCommerce and it represents a truly massive overhaul of our powerful plugin!
Andrew Lundquist
Andrew Lundquist
November 28, 2016
February 15, 2024
NS FBA for WooCommerce

We have just released version of NS FBA for WooCommerce and it represents a truly massive overhaul of our powerful plugin, which integrates WooCommerce with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Here is a Quick Start Video that provides a sneak peak into the awesome goodness (be sure to watch full screen):

And for those who prefer rapid ingestion in list form:

All New Features in NS FBA for WooCommerce

  1. Vast overhaul of the original codebase to support the new features and future development
  2. Reorganized all the Configuration Settings to be more intuitive and provide a "top down" sequential setup path to follow
  3. Converted all settings and options (wherever possible) to have pre-filled, selectable values. No more copying and pasting or leaving the wrong default!
  4. Simplified and added a new Amazon Shipping Speed to WooCommerce Shipping Method system. Now, NS FBA detects all your active WooCommerce Shipping Methods (even ones from other plugins!) and allows you to select which one you want to link to each Amazon Shipping Speed.
  5. Moved the Product level setting "Fulfill with Amazon FBA" to the Shipping Tab where it always belonged.
  6. Added the option to turn error email messages ON/OFF when an order fails to send to FBA
  7. Added an ALL new Smart Fulfillment decision engine with granular control of when NS FBA should or should not send fulfillment requests to Amazon at both the order and the item level
  8. Added manual override settings to bypass other active conditions when an order is Manually sent to FBA
  9. Added an option to prevent NS FBA from sending international orders to Amazon so that they can be fulfilled another way. This is especially important if you don't have international shipping available in your Seller Central account or want to handle those orders a different way.
  10. Added a setting to disable sending orders to FBA that match specific shipping methods.
  11. Added Vacation Mode to enable sending to FBA regardless of product settings
  12. Added Perfection Mode to disable sending to FBA if ALL products in an order are not set to Fulfill with Amazon FBA

And our most often requested feature is now COMPLETE:

NS FBA for WooCommerce now also retrieves current Order Shipping and Tracking information and displays it whenever the customer accesses their View Order Page per order in their WooCommerce My Account area!!!

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