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Get your website in shape for the year ahead with a 100% free SEO audit! No strings attached, just our expert SEO team giving your website a once-over with advice on what’s working and what needs work.
January 7, 2022
February 15, 2024
Get Your Free SEO Audit

Happy New Year from the entire Never Settle team! We hope 2021 was an awesome year for you and we hope 2022 will be even better.

To help you along your way, we’re offering you a free SEO audit to make sure your website is in the best possible position for the year ahead.

Like giving your car a once-over before a long journey, we’ll check your fluids, take your tire pressure and even recommend a road trip playlist; metaphorically speaking of course.

Our expert SEO team will conduct each SEO audit by hand and come back to you with a list of recommendations and anything we find that you may want to address.

You’re then free to do whatever you like with this information, but always know we’re here to help with our wide range of SEO services.

Wait, why do I even need this?

The web is ever-changing and so are search engine algorithms. What used to be considered ‘acceptable’ for SEO even just a few months ago may no longer be considered acceptable today.

Websites need a lot of maintenance, care and attention and so it’s easy for important things like page titles and meta descriptions to get missed, duplicate H1s added to pages or even worse, important pages be deleted without you knowing.

We recommend running SEO audits frequently no matter what the size of your website, and to help you along, we’re offering an SEO audit completely free.

Alright, so what’s included?

We’ll check your website’s vitals to ensure everything is running smoothly, which includes but is not limited to:

Once we’ve completed your audit, we’ll be in touch to let you know everything’s looking good or there’s some things that need fixing.

Sign me up! How to get your free SEO audit

To get your free SEO audit, give this underlined text a click, fill out the form with some basic details about your website and we’ll do the rest!

Please bear with us! Your SEO audit will be conducted by an actual human, not just some random quick click of a button. And depending on how many requests we receive, there may be a bit of a queue, so we thank you for your patience!

Here’s to a super successful year!

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