Product of the Week #3: Registration Templates Add-on for NS Cloner

This new WordPress plugin adds configurable registration templates and site fields for users to select during the multisite sign-up process
Andrew Lundquist
Andrew Lundquist
September 5, 2014
February 15, 2024
NS Addon Registration Template

Our 3rd Product of the Week is one we have had planned for a long time and this 12 New Products in 12 Weeks experiment finally provided the motivation to bang it out. It's a shiny new add-on for the NS Cloner and brings front-end user accessible cloning to a WordPress Multisite Network. This is a massive time saver for WordPress super admins who manage site or blog networks and allow self-serve front end user registrations. This add-on hooks into the standard WordPress Multisite blog sign-up process and allows the new user to pick from admin-configured site templates as the basis for their new site. Once they complete the sign-up process and activate their new account, their brand new, fully configured site will be cloned from the site template they chose upon registration. It will include all the preconfigured theme, plugins, settings, and content that the admin previously set up in that site template. We are also launching a new bundle to include ALL our WordPress Cloner add-ons - the Master Bundle - and we have some radical ideas on how to experiment with it like maybe including some future add-ons to existing Master Bundle customers for free. We'd love to know what you'd think about this idea. How much of an incentive would that be? Is it a great idea from a customer perspective? Is it a dumb idea from a business perspective?

How Does the Registration Templates plugin Work?

  1. You will need the NS Cloner core plugin available on this site and for free (it also is included with all bundle and add-on purchases).
  2. You must have the options for user account and site registration turned ON in your network admin settings in order for this to work, because it modifies the normal new user registration process.
  3. The Registration Templates add-on is installed just like any normal WordPress plugin (it must be Network Activated) and will create additional fields in the user registration process of a WordPress Multisite installation.
  4. When a new user signs up they get to fill out values for the admin-configured site custom fields and select a site template. Their new site is created and cloned when they activate their account through the normal WordPress activation email.
  5. No more configuring every individual site separately when your new user's want a specific look and feel or feature set with various plugins. Configure a few site templates and forget about any site-specific tweaking.

Find out more on the Registration Templates product page.

12 New Products in 12 Weeks Progress

NS Cloner Add-on Registration Templates
Week 3 - Registration Templates for NS Cloner - 12 Products in 12 Weeks

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