We are excited to release the first of 12 products in our crazy 12 New Products in 12 Weeks marathon: a premium plugin to integrate Amazon Fulfillment (FBA) with the very popular WooCommerce e-commerce platform for WordPress. To our knowledge this is the ONLY FBA for WooCommerce extension that exists to date. We know because we searched high and low for a plugin like this when we started moving towards FBA in order to prepare for massively scaling the order fulfillment capacity of our Osana mosquito repellent soap and humanitarian project.

What the NS FBA for WooCommerce plugin does:

It completely eliminates all the manual time overhead involved in shipping your orders by seamlessly integrating WooCommerce and Amazon Fulfillment (FBA). Once you have generated Amazon MWS credentials in your Seller Central dashboard and plugged them into the NS FBA for WooCommerce settings, it will handle fulfillment for every order that has received payment by automatically sending the order and shipping data to Amazon for processing. You can check it out in all of it’s introductory pricing glory here: https://neversettle.it/buy/featured/ns-fba-for-woocommerce/

12 New Products in 12 Weeks Progress

WooCommerce Extension for Amazon FulfillmentNS FBA for WooCommerce the First of 12 Products in 12 Weeks

Each week we’ll be releasing one new WordPress Plugin, Theme, or iOS Mobile App.  If you want to stay in the loop on each product being released, sign up for our newsletter below:

All 12 Products from our 12 Week Marathon:

(We will be updating this list with links to each new product as progress through the experiment)

  1. Week 1: NS FBA for WooCommerce (this post)
  2. Week 2: NS Automation for WordPress SEO
  3. Week 3: Registration Templates Add-on for NS Cloner
  4. Week 4: FREE NS WordPress Plugin Template
  5. Week 5: NS Redirection and GA Campaign Link Builder
  6. Week 6: Lean Startup Experiment Tool Template
  7. Week 7: FREE NS Google Sheets Connector
  8. Week 8: Udder Deals: WordPress Daily Deal Site
  9. Week 9: Coming Soon!
  10. Week 10: Coming Soon!
  11. Week 11: Coming Soon!
  12. Week 12: Coming Soon!