Lean-Startup-Experiment-Tool-Featured-no-BGFor Week #6 we thought we would take a turn away from WordPress in our 12 New Products in 12 Weeks experiment.  This week we’re releasing a business tool for all the Lean Statup junkies out there.  The Lean Startup Experiment Tool Template is a tool we developed to help you create measurable accounting inside your business by creating accountability to validate all of your leap of faith assumptions.  As with all other tools, plugins, and products we have created this is a tool we use internally almost daily.

We are huge fans of Lean Startup and actually provide the book in our on-boarding package for new team members along with a few other Never Settle must reads.  However, we continually found a gap in wanting to test and validate everything we were doing just as Lean Startup talks about, but not having a solid tool or template to which we could conduct these experiments. And so because of that need mixed with a lack of existing solutions we created the Lean Startup Experiment Tool and are launching it this week so you can conduct, manage, monitor and make validated decisions based on your Lean test results.

Lean Startup Experiment Tool Template

Lean startup offers incredible insight and methodology to run your business, product, or new feature in a smarter more productive way.  The beauty of Lean Startup is that it’s a methodology and not an exact formula.  However because it’s not an exact formula that also has a downside in that it’s harder to create systematic tests to validate your use, implementation, and modification of that methodology to your own business.  We found that with this open ended tool – regardless of how you practice Lean Startup principles it will allow you to have the type Measurable Accounting Eric Ries often speaks about allowing you to make data driven decisions and pivots.

Get the FREE Lean Startup Experiment Tool here OR Read our post here if you’re interesting in learning how to create successful Lean Startup Experiments.

Lean-Startup-Experiment-Tool-Featured-no-BGhow to create lean startup experiments

12 New Products in 12 Weeks Progress

Lean Startup Experiment ToolWeek 6 - Lean Startup Experiment Tool - 12 Products in 12 Weeks

Each week we’ll be releasing one new Product, WordPress Plugin or Theme, or iOS Mobile App.  If you want to stay in the loop on each product being released, sign up for our newsletter below:

All 12 Products from our 12 Week Marathon:

(We will be updating this list with links to each new product as progress through the experiment)

  1. Week 1: NS FBA for WooCommerce
  2. Week 2: NS Automation for WordPress SEO
  3. Week 3: Registration Templates Add-on for NS Cloner
  4. Week 4: FREE NS WordPress Plugin Template
  5. Week 5: NS Redirection and GA Campaign Link Builder
  6. Week 6: Lean Startup Experiment Tool Template (this post)
  7. Week 7: FREE NS Google Sheets Connector
  8. Week 8: Udder Deals: WordPress Daily Deal Site
  9. Week 9: Coming Soon!
  10. Week 10: Coming Soon!
  11. Week 11: Coming Soon!
  12. Week 12: Coming Soon!