It’s Week #5 of our 12 New Products in 12 Weeks adventure, and we are doubling down with another FREE WordPress Plugin release called NS Redirection and GA Campaign Link Builder. Yes! That IS a mouthful, but so is the functionality in this sweet tool. This plugin’s existence is another prime example of product inspiration coming from an internal need. For a while now, we have been using a few different tools to speed up the process of creating and managing campaign links for tracking conversion data and other metrics on our site: Google Analytics + Improvely + a fancy spreadsheet with formulas + Redirection (the popular WP plugin). A week or so ago, under the gun for product ideas that were A) doable in a short timeframe and B) worth doing, we had the idea to make a plugin that would eliminate several of those steps and further automate our process. That’s exactly what this free campaign link builder plugin does. It allowed us to consolidate our custom spreadsheet and the Redirection functionality and even made our decision to turn off Improvely much easier.

NS Redirection and GA Campaign Link Builder Features:

  1. Full campaign link builder and manager
  2. Quickly and dynamically build campaign links
  3. Copy an existing campaign link and edit to create a new one
  4. Delete old campaign links (use with caution as it will also remove the redirection)
  5. Specify the SEO-friendly target link for the redirection
  6. Full control over all campaign properties like campaign name, etc.
  7. Built-in help guidance for each setting and field
  8. Redirection engine redirects incoming requests from SEO-friendly links to target campaign links.
  9. View campaign traffic and conversion data in Google Analyics (requires a proper GA configuration including e-commerce enabled)

Find out more on the FREE product page.

12 New Products in 12 Weeks Progress

NS Redirection and GA Campaign Link BuilderWeek 5 - NS Redirection and GA Campaign Link Builder - 12 Products in 12 Weeks

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All 12 Products from our 12 Week Marathon:

(We will be updating this list with links to each new product as progress through the experiment)

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  2. Week 2: NS Automation for WordPress SEO
  3. Week 3: Registration Templates Add-on for NS Cloner
  4. Week 4: FREE NS WordPress Plugin Template
  5. Week 5: NS Redirection and GA Campaign Link Builder (this post)
  6. Week 6: Lean Startup Experiment Tool Template
  7. Week 7: FREE NS Google Sheets Connector
  8. Week 8: Udder Deals: WordPress Daily Deal Site
  9. Week 9: Coming Soon!
  10. Week 10: Coming Soon!
  11. Week 11: Coming Soon!
  12. Week 12: Coming Soon!