ANNOUNCING Massive Update for Amazon Fulfillment (MCF) in WooCommerce

Andrew Lundquist
Andrew Lundquist
June 7, 2022
February 15, 2024
ANNOUNCING Massive Update for Amazon Fulfillment (MCF) in WooCommerce

UPDATE! Amazon Fulfillment (MCF) for WooCommerce version 4.0 has been released and is now available!

This is a MASSIVE upgrade, which transitions the extension to Amazon’s new Selling Partner API (SP-API) including support for Amazon Multi-channel Fulfillment (MCF). On July 31st, 2022, Amazon is shutting down their old Marketplace Web Service (MWS) which previous versions have used to connect to and interact with merchant Seller Central data. To ensure uninterrupted fulfilment order processing from your WooCommerce site to Amazon FBA / MCF, you must upgrade to version 4.* of the extension before then and verify that it is working. Don’t worry! The extension will attempt to automatically migrate your existing authorization, and it will also warn you if it is not configured correctly. Re-authorizing WooCommerce (WC) to connect to your Amazon account for SP-API is now a 1-click process – there’s no more messing with developer authorization settings and tokens. It’s the same quick and easy process for all merchants, existing and new alike.

Due to the huge scope of these changes and to continue evolving with Amazon and WooCommerce as the premier integration solution between the two, our WC extension is undergoing another name change in the process. In the past it has been called “NS FBA for WooCommerce” and later “WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment.” Now it’s officially called “Amazon Fulfillment (MCF) for WooCommerce,” and continues to provide the most robust and powerful integration between Amazon’s fulfillment platform (including FBA and MCF) and WooCommerce.

Well before July 31st, 2022, to ensure uninterrupted fulfillment order processing from your WooCommerce site to Amazon FBA / MCF, you must upgrade to version 4.* of the extension and verify that it is successfully authorized to communicate with your Amazon data through the new SP-API.

In addition to the massive benefits of getting transitioned to the new Amazon Selling Partner API, the new version of Amazon Fulfillment (MCF) for WooCommerce has some amazing new features. Here is a sneak-peak into all the new awesome that’s baked into version 4:

  1. Login with Amazon (LWA) for 1-click authorizing access to Seller Central and fulfillment data through SP-API
  2. Support for both MWS and SP-API (you must update to SP-API before Jul 31, 2022)
  3. Detect Product SKUs that exist in your Amazon Seller Central account but not in WooCommerce
  4. Import Products and map SKUs from Amazon Fulfillment into to WooCommerce
  5. Create a new native WC Shipping method for Amazon with the ability to enable/disable any of the Amazon shipping speeds
  6. Automatically pull in dynamic estimated arrival times in the Cart and Checkout from Amazon’s SP-API
  7. Automatically pull in dynamic estimated fulfillment rates from Amazon and provided to customer during shopping experience
  8. Set a fixed $ or % mark-up amount to automatically add to Amazon’s estimated fulfillment rates as shipping charges for your customers
  9. View shipment status, carrier, and tracking number on the customer’s My Account view order screen and the admin edit order screen

This is such a large overhaul and transition that we expect some possible growing pains along the way, but it will ultimately make a big difference for your business especially since version 4 offers some of the biggest feature requests and improvements that merchants have provided. You can always contact us at and we can help you through any issues that come up during this transition!

Happy Selling and Fulfilling!

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