12 New Products in 12 Weeks

Everyone loves new products, but is it possible to release one new product a week? NS is setting out on this crazy experiment over the next 12 weeks.|Everyone loves new products, but is it possible to release one new product a week? NS is setting out on this crazy experiment over the next 12 weeks.
Kenn Kelly
Kenn Kelly
August 18, 2014
February 15, 2024
12 WordPress Products

A big part of our culture at Never Settle is learning how to live outside the box while developing new products. We have found that the more limits we remove the more creative we get. This has led us to continue to try what we like to call internal experiments. If they work they become part of our culture and foundation and if they don't we learn from them and move on. Some successful crazy weird experiments we have done in the past that are now part of our internal culture are 40 Hours A Week - No More No Less and Leap Week.We're continually looking at how we can get better at bringing new products to market, and last September we began looking at this concept fro Inc Magazine about taking new products From Idea to Market in Less Than One Month. Recently we had two core team members have the same idea outside of work over the weekend "what would it look like to launch one new product, every week, for a year!". We decided that there is actually a lot we could learn from getting in a repetitive small batch cycle like that, however a year might be a little much - but 12 weeks, that would be doable.

12 WordPress Products

Leap of Faith Assumptions, Benefits and Reasons for doing this crazy experiment:

  1. Holds us accountable to being innovative (one of our core values)
  2. Create crystal clear focus on scope creep and truly creative MVP's
  3. Gain all the benefits of small batch production to truly help us become a better products company
  4. It scares us and there's something about pushing our limits that draws us closer to the danger

We're not certain how this is going to go, but we are certain it will create movement and change and we've always found that both of those have always been good - even if it simply reinforces that what we were previously doing is the right path.Each week we'll be releasing one new WordPress Plugin, Theme, or iOS Mobile App.  If you want to stay in the loop on each product being released, sign up for our newsletter below:

All feedback welcome, is this just extreme to be extreme or do you see the deeper value in measurable accounting paired against assumption validating?  What products would you like to see us develop?All 12 Products from our 12 Week Marathon:

  1. Week 1: NS FBA for WooCommerce
  2. Week 2: NS Automation for WordPress SEO
  3. Week 3: Registration Templates Add-on for NS Cloner
  4. Week 4: FREE NS WordPress Plugin Template
  5. Week 5: NS Redirection and GA Campaign Link Builder
  6. Week 6: Lean Startup Experiment Tool Template
  7. Week 7: FREE NS Google Sheets Connector
  8. Week 8: Udder Deals: WordPress Daily Deal Site
  9. Week 9: LIST Engine iOS App – Organize To Do Lists by Item, Store and Tag
  10. Week 10: NS Slidebar
  11. Week 11: NS Music Pack Volume 1
  12. Week 12: 12 Products in 12 Weeks eBook
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