How to clone a WordPress site with a WP Cloner

In this WP Cloner tutorial, Never Settle shows you how to copy, duplicate, or clone WordPress Sites in Multisite Networks with NS Cloner Pro.
Stephen Karpik
Stephen Karpik
September 3, 2017
February 15, 2024
how to clone wordpress site multisite ns cloner pro wp cloner

This tutorial is a simple overview of how to copy, duplicate, or clone WordPress Multisites with a WP Cloner called NS Cloner Pro by Never Settle.

NS Cloner gives you incredible flexibility and power with just one click. This WP Cloner WordPress plugin is extremely helpful for creating templates to clone from, setting up quick test sites, making copies of existing sites, or developing a network of sites.

When you clone your WordPress site by pressing the clone button, the NS Cloner Pro automatically:

- Creates a new site in a subdomain or subdirectory (your preference)

- Clones the theme, plugin, settings, and users

- Clones specific content based on your choice and selection (widgets, posts, pages, pictures, videos, and attachments)

Even though we've made NS Cloner VERY easy to install, setup and use, sometimes it still helps to have a good "how to" to illustrate the process. Follow the steps below to ensure using NS Cloner Pro is a quick and easy way for cutting your development work down immensely.

Install NS Cloner and NS Cloner Pro and enter/activate your plugin license and email.

Navigate to your Network Dashboard and click “NS Cloner V3” in the menu and then select Cloning Mode (eg. Normal Clone).

Select the source site you want to clone. Enter new site title and subdirectory or subdomain name you want to copy to (make sure it's more than 4 characters). Select the content you want to copy. Press the “Clone” button. Verify your cloning process was successful by reviewing the popup report. Test new site and compare it to the site your cloned.

Be Sure to also check out our NS Cloner walk through video tutorial as well!

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