Announcing Massive Update to NS FBA for WooCommerce


We have just released version of NS FBA for WooCommerce and it represents a truly massive overhaul of our powerful plugin, which integrates WooCommerce with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Here is a Quick Start Video that provides a sneak peak into the awesome goodness (be sure to watch full screen):   And for those who prefer…
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Bogus GoDaddy Email Alert: hosting account approaching resource limits

worst hosting godaddy

Calling GoDaddy’s Marketing Bluff Actually, that’s the nice way to put it. The reality is it’s fear-based false advertising and many people probably fall for it, because it comes with a scary, convincing graphic like this one that makes you think your service resources are actually reaching their limits right now: The only problem is, if…
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The Best way to Connect Amazon, WordPress, and WooCommerce FBA

The Best way to use Fulfillment by Amazon with WordPress and WooCommerce This video demonstrates how easy it is to use Amazon’s Fulfillment services (FBA) with WordPress by installing and configuring Never Settle’s WooCommerce FBA plugin. The features of NS FBA continue to be customer-driven by merchants with active WooCommerce carts and Amazon Seller Central…
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When Is Managed WordPress Hosting Good For You?

WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting

Disclosure: We are an affiliate for WP Engine, because we use them ourselves and for our clients as well, and we love their managed WordPress hosting. We will receive compensation if you click one of the links below and sign up for their services.  People often ask: when is it the best time to select a managed…
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Product of the Week #7: Google Spreadsheet Connector

NS Google Sheets Connector

We are over the hump now at product #7 of 12 New Products in 12 Weeks, and this week we are releasing our new FREE WordPress plugin: NS Google Sheets Connector. We haven’t really seen anything like this out there and it was something that we had played with briefly before in a custom solution…
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Product of the Week #5: FREE Campaign Link Builder

Redirection plugin and Google Campaign Link Builder

It’s Week #5 of our 12 New Products in 12 Weeks adventure, and we are doubling down with another FREE WordPress Plugin release called NS Redirection and GA Campaign Link Builder. Yes! That IS a mouthful, but so is the functionality in this sweet tool. This plugin’s existence is another prime example of product inspiration coming from…
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Product of the Week #4: FREE WordPress Plugin Template

NS WordPress Plugin Template

We’re shifting gears here in Week #4 of our 12 New Products in 12 Weeks joy ride, and releasing a FREE WordPress plugin to give a little something back to the awesome WordPress community. We have a couple other free plugins in the works as well, but we’re actually kicking off the giving with an all new WordPress…
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Add Subscribers to Hidden Mailchimp Group via Signup Form


Working on some internal marketing R&D for us I could not find any documentation on how to accomplish the following with a Mailchimp Group: Using a standard sign-up form Automatically add the subscriber to a hidden Mailchimp Group Requiring no intervention or option selection on the user’s part The Solution: It actually turned out to…
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