Interested in Joining the Never Settle Team?

Join a team that is unwilling to compromise on quality while valuing true work life balance. Read our article here on true 40 hour weeks, no more no less.

Never Settle will prioritize providing you with mentorship, thought leadership over your designated duties, learning opportunities, flexibility in schedule, and a structured work environment. You will also be paid for all designated company holidays and expected to not do any company work on those days.

We believe in integrating people into a team where they can lead. We’re not interested in bean counters, but rather those who want to change the world using their skills and passions they’ve been given.

Being a completely remote team, teachability and proactive communication are imperative. See below for our current openings!

WordPress Developer

Hiring developers is an interesting challenge in the vast ocean of WordPress developers. Instead of going through a long process we have found that diving into the code together is the best way to evaluate skill and culture fit. To apply for the WordPress Developer position we currently have open please fill out the following form below. Any applicants that don’t follow the instructions exactly will not be evaluated.

Adwords & SEO Manager

We’re looking for an adwords and SEO guru. Someone that can work inside the constraints given knowing we do not have unlimited resources despite our limitless opportunity to improve in this area.

If you are interested in utilizing your Adwords and SEO skills at Never Settle we would love to hear from you. As you know, in the Adwords and SEO world details are imperative. That being said please follow the instructions carefully as any applicant that doesn’t will not be considered.

As you go through the application below please put your focus toward things that would move the needle if we were to execute. While we know there are thousands of changes and improvements we can make we’re looking for someone who can wade through the mess to mine the most important improvements and updates first.