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iOS App

List Engine

List Engine is a list creation and item library app for creating, managing and re-using lists quickly and efficiently. There are multiple ways to use and organize lists depending on user preference which provides flexibility and power right from your iPhone. A robust item library makes it easy to create lists quickly without having to re-enter information each time a new lists is created.

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iOS/Android App

Hebrew Flashcards

We created a mobile app compatible with multiple operating systems and devices for beginner Hebrew language students. The app focuses primarily on character recognition, names and pronunciation, and was designed to be easy to use. Practice, reference and quizzes were all built right into the app to help solidify the basic Hebrew alphabet concepts needed to move into more advanced study.

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Celebrity Podcast and Blog Site

Phil Vischer

While there were many directions we could have taken Phil’s site and brand it was important that we were able to deliver a site that represented the caliber of his brand yet didn’t require a matching budget caliber. It’s not easy to match a creative with creativity. Because of that we went with a minimalist design to let the product - Phil’s content - be the hero. The site has a very simple and clean UI which highlights the great content Phil produces each week allowing that to shine in the limelight.

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Unified Platform for Custom Global eCommerce, DVD Curriculum, and Content Management

What’s in the Bible

We consolidated and redesigned 4 related sites, including a Shopify cart, into a single visual and streamlined user experience for This was a major undertaking that involved a massive content architecture overhaul to clean up, eliminate duplication, and organize hundreds of articles and products across the original sites. The final result was a beautiful, consistent look and feel and a seamless experience across all informational and ecommerce pages of the unified web presence for this popular DVD series from the creator of Veggie Tales.

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