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Live Video Streaming Conference + eCommerce Ticketing

Savory Institute Live Event Video Streaming

The Savory Institute promotes large-scale restoration of the world’s grasslands through Holistic Management. Savory came to Never Settle to create a custom website for a live streaming international event with world famous speakers to talk about how we can create a consumer revolution around the world! From changing how our food is manufactured, how are clothes are made, how we regenerate and treat soil, and how all three of those ideas are interwoven.

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Video On-Demand Membership Platform


We rebuilt the faith-based media and video subscription service JellyTelly from the ground up to achieve a variety of ambitious objectives the client had for its visitors, members, management, and content teams. The effort included a complete redesign, advanced integrations with several 3rd party enterprise level service API's, a totally custom web application built on WordPress, and automated tools for managing members, data, and marketing automation. Our custom solution connected a variety of services in one central platform for capturing and reporting on custom user-level and content-level analytics, automating the publication of streaming content across web, mobile, and other media devices like Roku, streamlining content and member management and support, and serving a family safe and rich on-demand media experience to members through games, shows, movies, and activities.

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