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I love it! I don't think I could disagree with a single word on the page. You need to make this an ebook and sell it on Amazon. The whole 12x12 approach is pretty genius if you can stick it out. The fact that you learn so much so quick and being able to spot blind spots really quickly is super key. Taking your book and applying it to ways I can impact my business amplifies what I knew of Lean previously.

Something Needed

Our organization and many others we work with subscribe to Lean methodology from Lean Startup by Eric Ries. One the major gaps we found, however, was in our ability to conduct effective test. There were no adequate tools available to help us create, manage, and measure our Lean tests. We searched everywhere and couldn't find a tool or software that fit the bill.

Tools Provided

When we couldn't find an adequate Lean testing tool for our own needs, we decided to build our own. We are actually testing the tool with the tool itself to see how it pans out. What we created was a collaborative worksheet that could be printed as a 3x4 wall poster, used collaboratively in the cloud, or via shared spreadsheets. It’s a free tool and you can get it here.

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