Clean, Easy to Use and Manage Web Presence for an Author with an International Audience


We’ve all been there, we started with a solution that we could afford and fit the bill for where we were ‘back then’. Yet at some point everyone who finds success has to make the inevitable leap into a modern solution that can continue to scale with them and meet their branding and design. Phil’s requirements were straight forward, it was just time to make that jump and also find a solution that was easy to manage and had built in Podcast support and management capabilities.


Phil has done some incredible things for Children’s media with Veggie Tales, What’s in the Bible? and the books he has created. We worked with him to create a site that matched the caliber of his brand, and was easy to use and manage for him in uploading content, writing blogs, and managing his podcasts. Since his site is a support asset to his other assets that actually generate revenue it was critical to build the site that fit within a non-revenue generating site budget.



Phil Vischer - Creator of Veggie Tales

Creative Web Presence for a Creative

While there were many directions we could have taken Phil’s site and brand it was important that we were able to deliver a site that represented the caliber of his brand yet didn’t require a matching budget caliber. It’s not easy to match a creative with creativity.  Because of that we went with a minimalistic design to let the product – Phil’s content – be the hero.  The site has a very simple and clean UI which highlights the great content Phil produces each week allowing that to shine in the limelight.

Below is a quick look at what we were able to do with a minimalist budget.

Phil Vischer Web Presence - Befiore and After

Phil Vischer Goodies

We were able to create a simple way for Phil to manage his podcasts and content on the back end while creating a new clean UI front end.



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