Custom Ecommerce Solutions for Entire Franchise


National Franchise Solutions

Running a franchise is a complex thing and Urban Mattress recognized the power of building custom technologies to help their business scale. To do this we address three separate but interconnect business units.

Corporate & Local eCommerce Sites

Umbrella network of local store franchisee sites under the main corporate website. Custom eCommerce for each owner with unique gateways, reporting, and customers

Internal Franchise Ordering System

Internal system for franchisees to easily order Urban Mattresses franchise products and have them delivered automatically through a custom API we built with their warehouse and shipping company.

In Store Point of Sale

Custom integration into Touch Point – SaaS Point of Sale mobile and tablet based POS. Advanced inventory management for franchise, local and national reporting, automated purchase orders, customer CRM, and much more!

What the Client Had to Say

"The team at Never Settle have been great partners, always going above and beyond.  Our collaborations in ecommerce, B2B infrastructure and their point-of-sale have helped us make critical leaps forward in our business."

Urban Mattress

"The TouchPoint POS system has been a game changer for Urban Mattress, Smarter, Faster, Better. Touchpoint has made a significant impact on our business. The web based system allows us to track inventory, schedule deliveries and stay up to date with our performance and reporting. One of the features I really like is the referral report. I can see in real time where my ad dollars are working, and where they are not. The delivery piece really has been a lifesaver. Thanks Never Settle!"

Urban Mattress

"I wanted to give you guys a little shout out on TP. Yesterday, it worked to perfection. We had 20 people on the sales floor at once, I literally had the desktop open, iPad and my laptop all processing sales and building quotes for customers (no one felt like they were waiting) It was impressive! I was even able to help out the our second location at the same time, they were ringing someone up and put me on speaker phone with another customer so I could build a quote and then he just grabbed the quote when he was done ringing up that 1st customer and then got the second’s money. It was awesome! Thanks again for your efforts!"

Urban Mattress

Urban Mattress
Urban Mattress
Urban Mattress
Urban Mattress

Client Milestones

– Over $100K saved in lost inventory
– Increased conversion in store and online
– Self sufficient franchisee ordering
– Solutions that are scaling as they grow
– Automated data – NO MORE SPREADSHEETS!
– Modern User Experience and Customer Interface

We were able to meet and exceed the following needs:

– Unified solutions for entire franchise
– Technology that can scale
– Custom solutions that match their business
– Increased conversion in store and online
– Smooth data migration and transition
– Increased efficiency between stores and franchise


Automated inventory syncing
Sales and Product reporting
Single set of meta data between both platforms
PUSH and PULL data transfer
Custom Taxation based on customer location



Creative Direction
Visual Design
UI/ UX Design


Internal Franchise Ordering System
In Store Point of Sale
Drag and Drop self managed eCommerce site
Automatic product recommendation based on user purchases
Corporate & Local eCommerce Sites



Brand Strategy
UX Strategy
Content Strategy

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