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Live Video Streaming Conference + eCommerce Ticketing

Savory Institute Live Event Video Streaming

The Savory Institute promotes large-scale restoration of the world’s grasslands through Holistic Management. Savory came to Never Settle to create a custom website for a live streaming international event with world famous speakers to talk about how we can create a consumer revolution around the world! From changing how our food is manufactured, how are clothes are made, how we regenerate and treat soil, and how all three of those ideas are interwoven.

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Business eBook

12 Products in 12 Weeks

This is the true Never Settle story of how we launched 12 products in 12 weeks, the lessons we learned through our experiences, and a practical guide for rapid product development using Lean principles. This book walks through the real-world challenges and breakthroughs we had while persevering through a new product launch every week for 12 weeks. It also documents our mistakes and provides easy to follow guidance and ways to apply all the things we learned in your own business or product development adventures. It’s both a practical guide and an entrepreneurial journal filled with epic imagery that will help you remember the lessons it covers.

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iOS App

List Engine

List Engine is a list creation and item library app for creating, managing and re-using lists quickly and efficiently. There are multiple ways to use and organize lists depending on user preference which provides flexibility and power right from your iPhone. A robust item library makes it easy to create lists quickly without having to re-enter information each time a new lists is created.

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