We are questing for a pioneering Android Architect who is eager to jump into a no holds barred arena to help us bring industry-changing mobile-based SaaS solutions to market. The best candidates are comfortable crafting robust mobile data architectures for scaling, tackling difficult mobile development challenges, and thinking like an owner in every aspect of their engineering responsibilities with a self-generated passion and drive. This is a remote position and requires active, dedicated contribution to our extraordinary company culture above and beyond the innovative products we create without working more than 40 hours per week. We actively seek to impact the business communities and world surrounding us through Never Settle culture so that we leave things better than we find them.


If this sounds like your sweet spot, you will be expected to have:

  • 5+ years developing, and delivering Android apps and mobile software solutions
  • Proven track record of completing large-scale projects from inception to deployment
  • Experience with a spectrum of tools and all stages of software development
  • Rapid adaptability to new code languages and technologies
  • Strong interpersonal skills and leadership qualities
  • Insanely strong written communication skills
  • Interest in mentoring other junior team members in mobile development
  • An innate epic level of attention to detail (borderline obsessive, but without the creepy)
  • Ability to operate in the weeds of code as well as provide high level, forward-thinking advice relevant to decisions that have huge long term implications
  • Somewhat flexible daily schedule for coordinating efforts with an international team


You might be a shoo-in for this spot if you also have all of the following:

  • The right kind of ambition
  • Located in the greater Denver area
  • Prior experience building solutions for the retail sales industry
  • Comfort level with customizing Android and running it on custom hardware
  • Familiarity with ledger accounting techniques and entry types
  • Existing, successful Android app(s) running on top of robust back-end platforms
  • Alter ego in Dev Ops, Security, and hardware integration
  • PHP, Laravel, Forge, MySQL, WordPress, APIs, Java, JS, New Relic, etc.
  • Interested in and skilled with playing one or more musical instruments
  • An amazing, bold, humble, determined, humorous personality


The Nitty-Gritty:

  • 40 hours per week and no more – seriously, we want you to have life outside work
  • Flexible, remote working environment and schedule
  • 3 weeks paid time off
  • 7 days paid company holidays
  • Management team committed to your personal development
  • Thought leadership
  • Apply by sending your very interesting resume to jobs@neversettle.it. Your email must include how you define the “right kind of ambition” and a link to a quick video telling us why you’re applying and why you think you’d be a perfect fit.


How to Apply:

  • Send your very interesting resume to jobs@neversettle.it.
  • Include how you define the “right kind of ambition” and a link to a quick video telling us why you’re applying and why you think you’d be a perfect fit.