How to Run Successful Lean Startup Experiments

how to create lean startup experiments

Being able to create and manage Lean Startup experiments is just as important as understanding the Lean Startup methodology. Without having the right parameters to navigate your new methodology – the knowledge in itself is pointless. One of Eric Reis’ biggest points in Lean is to create systems that allow you to have measurable accounting.…
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12 New Products in 12 Weeks

12 WordPress Products

A big part of our culture at Never Settle is learning how to live outside the box while developing new products. We have found that the more limits we remove the more creative we get. This has led us to continue to try what we like to call internal experiments. If they work they become…
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Startups, Recruiters, and Ethics

I’m very curious about the experiences and opinions of others regarding the viability of using the recruiting industry to discover qualified candidates – particularly across our demographic of bootstrapped technology startup owners. We have zero debt, no strong funding ambitions, and a radical commitment to frugal and prudent fiscal approaches. These factors usually guide us…
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