This might be a “Part 1” of the broader topic: Biblical Application of the use of Force. In this episode we start exploring the big picture of self-defense, defending others, and civil resistance from a Scriptural perspective. The challenge is that there seem to be potentially conflicting examples / instructions in the Bible itself. How do we reconcile some of the stories with the words of the Messiah and the examples of the disciples?

We raise more questions than answers including:

  1. Does it even matter? Should we care about finding answers to the questions regarding Biblical Self-Defense?
  2. Is there a Biblical Mandate to be prepared for physical self-defense, which would necessitate preparation and training?
  3. Is faith alone enough?<?li>
  4. When (if ever) is it appropriate or even required to apply physical force in defense of self or another oppressed victim?

Verses discussed:

  • Matt 25:1-13
  • Ps 144:1
  • Prov 25:26
  • Matt 5:39
  • Gen 9:6
  • Matt 26:52