We decided to take break from the Caesar’s Messiah conversation and got into an interesting conversation about what it means to challenge the things we believe and the ways in which to go about it. With so much information, data and different thought processes out there we talked about what it means to put things all on the table.

We even had a bit of an internal confusion about the definition of what it means to put something on the table and or challenge a thought. Obviously we could spend all day everyday trying to defend against every point or thought in contention with what we believe about Father so how do you know when and when not to dive in to something? Is there a time when certain thoughts are instantly off limits or is and should everything be on the table all the time.

Join us as we dive into this and really only scratch the surface. Hit us with questions and comments and let us know what you think and be sure and share your stories of how you walk through challenges against your faith or belief system. Are you giving certain ideas a more biased approach than others? Or do you feel like you are pretty honest in your assessment? Or are you not challenging what you hear and read at all?

We hope this conversation is a blessing and pushes you forward in your journey.