Primarily Never Settle is a tech solutions company. So naturally when the chance to acquire a cause based natural mosquito repellent soap company turned up, we immediately took advantage of it! Two of the founding members of Never Settle been involved at the founding level for two years with the soap company Osana and the company was coming to a crossroads. It needed more focus and a push over the edge to get to the next level of exposure. The acquisition of Osana by Never Settle was the first step in walking towards that goal. We have been selling soap ever since continue to grow steadily. We are blessed to be partnering with organizations world wide that help fight and educate people about malaria and other sanitation based diseases. In the process we are constantly learning and we also are privileged to give away a ton of soap during the process!

Read more about the Osana acquisition and the natural Osana Mosquito Repellent Soap. If you really have the itch (had to do it) purchase a bar and join the fight.