What if you had the chance to to have a week to yourself to work on whatever you wanted? Once in a while we like to work in what is called a leap week. It is where one Never Settle team member has one week to do whatever they feel best brings value to the company. During this time other team members are not allowed to communicate with that person via email, phone or chat about Never Settle tasks. The leaper however can tap the team for their skill sets within reason as they see best fit. Sometimes leapers use the time to purely play catch up. Being provided with undistracted heads down time to attack ones task list head on can be a huge value to the company as a whole. Other times that means setting all the typical day to day aside and prototyping a new product on the fly or tweaking an existing one. While the leaper is off in his or her undistracted world it gives the rest of the team the chance to divide and conquer items that come up that normally fall to the leaper. Learning to prioritize and choose what is urgent and what can wait for their return can be a great exercise. You have the chance to learn more about the value another person brings to the team which is massively special.


So if you ever receive our Leap Week page, know that someone is leaping and completely undistracted.