So you understand Lean Startup, now how do you actually incorporate it into your business? In this video Kenn, one of the Never Settle founders discusses:

How to run a successful #leanstartup experiment at #DENSTARTUPWEEK.

Lean Startup Experiment topics covered:

  • Why this matters to you and your business
  • What Lean Startup is
  • How build, measure, learn all relate to web development and tech startups
  • How to create an MVP – Minimum Viable Product
  • Assumptions vs Reality
  • How to create Lean Startup testing framework
  • How to create Lean Startup Experiment with this tool
  • Understanding your engine of growth
  • How to review your findings and make better decisions
  • Understanding your customer and their problem to find the solution
  • How to integrate Lean Startup Experiments into your company culture

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