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What's in the Bible

Unified Platform for Custom Global eCommerce, DVD Curriculum, and Content Management

Thank you! We’re deeply appreciative of your time, commitment and support of our efforts to help Christian families raise great kids and better understand the Bible and God’s call on their lives. I feel significantly more confident in the decisions we’ve made and genuinely excited about how we plan to go forward. I know that we have a number of challenges ahead of us but believe we have the right team to succeed. It's great to know we can have such confidence in our technology partner. I'm deeply grateful.

The Challenge

The powerhouse creative team that came up with Veggie Tales was also behind "What's in the Bible?", but initially there was no strong technology leadership working with them. The early outcome was an incredibly strong creative DVD series and Curriculum product represented across 4 fairly disorganized websites including a Shopify cart. We were hired to develop a custom ecommerce solution that continued to use Shopify while providing a consistent user experience across any and all sites that would survive a thorough content reorganization and consolidation effort.

The Solution

We encouraged a nearly total consolidation. Although 3 of the sites had unique (albeit overlapping) content, 2 of them were completely functionally redundant – costing the client unnecessary time to manage the content and resulting in a poor and confusing user experience. We migrated all the content to a single site and designed a consistent, flexible schema to organize all existing and future content. This eliminated a lot of redundancy and substantially improved SEO. Finally, we created a custom design for the new site and implemented it on WordPress and Shopify. Even though they are very different platforms, the solution felt and looked like a single site.

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