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Preventable Deaths

Hunger & obesity kill more people annually than aids, TB, war, malaria, and murder COMBINED. The biggest problem is both hunger and obesity are fairly easy to cure when comparing them against other major human killers like aids and war. Thus, the tragedy is all these deaths are preventable. 25 in Change is setting out to end global hunger and obesity and to do so they needed a web platform that could handle the size of their vision.

Solution Impact

This problem will not be solved only through awareness, finances, or an appealing marketing program alone. However, through collaboration and bringing people together around the world this problem can be solved by connecting advocates through technology. We built a holistic web platform to handle the diverse needs of 25 in Change as they tackle this world cause. This included ecommerce for donations, and custom integrations.

Twenty Five In Change Advocates and Website

It Starts with 25

25 in Change’s requests were quite diverse.  They needed the following:

  • A website that shared the vision of a world without preventable deaths and a way to invoke action on the user side.
  • A custom eCommerce website that could handle thousands of transactions in a single day during an active  campaign.
  • A way for multiple advocates (members) to access the site, pull up campaign data, and contribute to the sites content.
  • A simple to use, intuitive backend that multiple people and teams could manage.
  • Mobile and tablet responsive.
  • A site that could keep up with the diversity of demands a world cause would throw at it.

We did just that, we leveraged our enterprise WordPress team to develop a scalable framework and architecture that could support the high volume and demands a site of this size would throw at it.  In addition to building things mentioned above like an enterprise eCommerce solution we also created a few custom API’s along the way that transformed cart data into meaningful campaign data that could be shared by the advocates running the campaigns.

25 in Change is just one of the nonprofits Never Settle supports, and we feel honored to have been part of the project and help tackle this world epidemic together with them.

It Ends with 25

It Starts With 25. It Ends with 25.

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