Click and mortar brand and site launch with eCommerce capabilities

Wanderlust sells outdoor apparel and gear. They partnered with Never settle on a Wordpress website development with custom UI/UX, including custom code that allowed them to track storefront and mobile inventory on a single platform. We provide continued maintenance and support, handle annual hosting, and long-term marketing services including SEO and search marketing management.

Wanderlust Outfitters
Outdoor Apparel & Gear
Wanderlust Outfitters
WordPress Development
UI/UX Design

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Wanderlust needed to launch a new storefront and ecommerce presence in a competitive environment that’s dominated by massive retailers like REI.
Understanding the complex needs of their industry and challenges like inventory management for over 100,000 SKUs. They needed a website that supported both their storefront and eCommerce.
They now have the abilility to manage their storefront and eCommerce on a single platform. Management of their SEO and search ads has equated to 56% growth in online net revenue over a period of six months.
Home Page Desktop
Home Page Mobile
Wanderlust needed to launch a robust digital footprint that supported an online and storefront business from scratch.
Never Settle advised on a modern UI/UX design and the importance of managing one digital and accounting platform to streamline order processing. We built a custom WordPress site and provided marketing strategy assistance, including driving SEO and paid search results.
Initial Concepts
Final Logo


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