New eCommerce site for a multilocation food retailer

Sweet Cow is a multilocation food retailer with an integrated IOS and Android app allowing customers to order ice cream from their local store. We built a custom WordPress eCommerce website with additional functionality over their previous site.

Sweet Cow
Food Retail
Sweet Cow
WordPress Development
UI/UX Design

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Sweet Cow needed an eCommerce platform and integrated app experience for customers to order through one consistent platform.
Build a custom WordPress site and mobile app that allows customers to purchase products from their local store through a streamlined user experience.
An integrated IOS and Android app in addition to a custom designed eCommerce site with higher functionality.
Home Page Desktop
Home Page Mobile
They needed one integrated experience into their custom ERP system to manage orders in all stores through their app and website.
We built an IOS and Android app that allows customers to place orders online. On the app, customers have the ability to turn on alerts that notify them with relevant news such as favorite flavor arrival, deals, and updates. This is accomplished through the app directly.
Initial Concepts
Final Logo


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