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With clients such as Apple, Google and Tesla, Summit Steel Works have experienced decades of success. Wanting to continue this trend for decades more to come, Summit appointed Never Settle to consult on their business architecture as well as to rebrand and relaunch the business. Here’s how we did it and the outcome.

Summit Steel Works
Summit Steel Works
Management Consulting
UI/UX Design
Webflow Development
Content Marketing

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Peter Kockelman / CEO Summit Steel Works
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After a team reshuffle, the company structure was not making use of the team Summit had, while their branding and website was out of date and wasn’t reflecting their impressive work.
Making use of our Management Consulting services, we helped reshape the company structure while the Marketing Team rebranded and relaunched the website.
A more efficient, happier team making use of everyone’s unique skillset, alongside a modern brand refresh that reflects the impressive clients Summit have worked with.
Home Page Desktop
Home Page Mobile
Summit Steel Works have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands on some of the most ambitious projects. We wanted to showcase their talent.
Summit Steel Works are one of the leading steel fabricators in the world and needed branding that backed up their tough, resilient nature.
Initial Concepts
Final Logo

We used Aeonik as the typeface for the final logo due to it’s legibility at all sizes as well as it’s universal styling allowing the logo to be used in all situations without the need for variants.


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