Custom Website for a New Church

With a brand new church and a fast-growing following, Grace Fishers needed a new website quickly that could serve them as they continue to grow. Taking full advantage of Webflow's easy to use but highly customizable CMS, the Grace Fishers website grows as quickly as the church needs.

Grace Fishers
Grace Fishers
UI/UX Design
Webflow Development

The website is simply stunning! Working with Never Settle has been so easy, they're incredibly patient and have made us something we're truly proud of!

Joey Christianson - Pastor - Next Gen
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Grace Fishers not only needed a new website quickly, but they also needed something that would grow at the same pace as they grew. All this and with a very limited budget.
Webflow was the clear choice when it came to choosing a website platform. With it's quick development and versatile CMS, it allowed for a build time of just 4 weeks.
Updating content almost daily, Grace Fishers have been able to make full use of their website and pull on Never Settle to add new functionality as and when they've needed it.
Home Page Desktop
Home Page Mobile
Church websites can sometimes feel a little formal and be hard to navigate. Our vision was to make Grace Fishers to be the complete opposite.
With a basic style guide and nothing else, it was up to Never Settle to build a brand out of bits and pieces.
Initial Concepts
Final Logo

Hidden meaning within logos can be extremely powerful and with Grace Fishers we used the idea of a sunrise symbolising new beginnings.


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