Headless WordPress custom eCommerce platform with an integrated IOS and Android app

We built a custom eCommerce platform and IOS and Android app for Cookie Co, a national food franchise. We created custom integration into their point of sale allowing customers to order directly from the website or app and the order fulfilled at the local retail level through that local store’s point of sale system. The site features focus on increasing user engagement through streamlined UI/UX to decrease cart abandonment.

Cookie Co
Food Retail
Cookie Co
UI/UX Design
WordPress Development

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As a brand new company, Cookie Co needed an entire eCommerce platform built to grow with the franchise.
A customized Wordpress eCommerce platform seamlessly integrated with IOS and Android applications.
A scalable marketing site with low cart abandoment and an engaging user experience to promote sales.
Home Page Desktop
Home Page Mobile
They needed a complex UI/UX site and mobile app built to create in-store and online sales. We created an integrated map allowing users to find local retailer and individual store pages for the customer to connect and order directly from the store of their choice. The site pages incorporate responsive design.
Cookie Co's visual branding incorporates an intuitive logo alongside harmonious brand colors that exude warmth, inviting the customer deeper into its captivating brand through visuals.
Initial Concepts
Final Logo


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