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Referral Scheme Terms & Conditions

Terms correct as of January 11 2024.

Policy for the Never Settle Referral Scheme. This scheme allows for those who refer leads to Never Settle (the ‘Referee’) to receive payment in exchange for successfully completed projects.

These terms are subject to change at any time, without notice and are correct at the time of the date referenced above. Projects that have not closed before any updates to these Terms & Conditions will be subject to the revised Terms & Conditions.

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1.0 Current Reward

The reward for successfully completed projects that have been referred to Never Settle currently stands at:

Should the Referee wish to receive credit to spend with Never Settle instead of a cash payment, they should communicate this at the point of referral. The percentage of credit received will vary depending on the type of project and revenue gained.

2.0 Payment Terms

The referee will receive payment once full payment has been received for fixed-price projects. This usually occurs once a project is 100% complete. The timeline for payment will vary depending on the scope of the project.

The referee will receive payment for retainers at the end of each quarter for a maximum of 12 months.

Payment will be made to the referee within 28 days of Never Settle receiving cleared funds from the client.

3.0 Fixed Price Projects

Projects that have a predetermined scope with a fixed timeline are classified as ‘Fixed Price’.

An example of a Fixed Price project may include:

These projects have a definitive deliverable and once this deliverable has been made, the project is complete.

The Referee will receive a percentage of the final agreed quoted price for any fixed price project with payment terms outlined in section 2.0.

4.0 Retainers

Referees will receive a percentage of Retainer spend outlined in section 1.0 and paid in accordance with the Payment Terms outlined in section 2.0.

Should a client adjust their Retainer spend in accordance with Never Settle terms and conditions, the amount paid out to the referee will be adjusted, but will still follow the same percentage outlined in section 1.0.

5.0 Canceled Projects

Should a project be canceled by either the client or Never Settle before it is complete, for any reason, the Referee will receive a percentage of the client spend as outlined in section 1.0.

In the event of a project becoming canceled, the Referee will be notified along with an estimated payment date.

Feedback will also be provided to the Referee as to why a project was not completed so as to ensure leads better match Never Settle in future.

6.0 Rejected Projects

Should Never Settle choose to reject a referred project for any reason, the Referee will not receive any payment or compensation.

Projects that are rejected include but are not limited to:

7.0 Qualified Projects

Projects that qualify as a referral include, but are not limited to:

8.0 Agencies

Agencies are welcome to refer leads and follow these same terms and conditions provided they meet the same requirements as a referee.

Agencies must be open to working with Never Settle in predetermined processes.

Agencies must understand that the final deliverable will be attributed to Never Settle and marketed as such. The agency cannot take credit for work Never Settle completes.

Should an Agency wish to take credit for a project or take ownership of a project, then the Agency should approach Never Settle for their White Labeling services instead and adhere to those terms and conditions.

9.0 Exclusions

10.0 Agreements

By accepting these terms and conditions, it is understood that both parties will adhere to these basic agreements: