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Tosca Lee

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Already getting questions about who did my fantastic new site: Why, it's the fantastic team at Never Settle! I wanted to say how impressed I am by your speediness and your ability to really capture all that was required. Also, your use of timelines and milestones along the way and this goal of finishing before my next release. I'm really preemptively impressed with you guys and very happy to be working with you.

Evolving Needs

When Tosca first came to us the three major obstacles she was looking to overcome were:

  1. Having a site that she could easily update herself
  2. Having a site that reflected the caliber of author and brand she has developed
  3. Having a site that created meaningful connections with her audience

Personal Identity

We built Tosca a site that visually and functionally portrayed the high caliber author she is and the brand she has established through her writing. We then translated that design and branding into a simple to use user interface that allowed her to easily connect with her audience and for them to easily find and navigate to the specific content they were looking to find. Then we wrapped it up by making the admin interface and back-end management easier to use than writing a Word document in Microsoft.

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